the site

It took some time to find the right location. The STEPS site is on Troutbeck Road, off Abbeydale Road South (A621), 2 miles south of Sheffield City Centre and within easy reach of The Peak District. It is closely served by Sheffield and Dore railway stations, a good bus route on Abbeydale Road, a river walkway and several large supermarkets – ready made facilities for our patients to use as part of their rehabilitation program outside the STEPS building.

The development forms the first part of a 3.4 acre site with outline planning for a healthcare and retirement hub.

The plot was perfect and we loved the history and stories from it’s heritage which will be depicted in pictures around the STEPS facility.

The site has been derelict for the last 13 years and up until last October, was known as “The Ghetto”, a honey pot for young graffiti artists and skate boaders.  We have captured some of the stunning art work which can be seen in our gallery and also at

Before this, the site was home Jacobs Manufacturing Ltd. The company initially had its headquarters in Hartford, Connecticut in 1903 and at some point, it opened a factory in Sheffield. More detail can be found at It tells of how Arthur Irving Jacobs or A.I. as he was better known, invented the famous chuck and after patenting the device, the company grew into the steel tool manufacturer which thrived on the Troutbeck site until 2002.

The Jacobs Chuck Manufacturing Company maintains a global presence as a recognised leader in the design/manufacture of precision tool and work holding devices for stationary equipment and portable power tools.

We like it’s modest beginnings and we especially admire “A.I.”, who “was never one for leaving things alone. He was always improving them – continually coming up with new ways of working and new gadgets to do the work”

We hope we have some of his intention, application and determination in the work we are about to begin on the site where the chuck began it’s life.