packages of care

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There are 4 simple residential packages of care. We will identify which package best meets the individual’s needs at a pre-admission assessment which will be free of charge. All residential packages include costs associated with accommodation and meals, laundry, medical (GP and Rehabilitation Medicine Consultants) and nursing care, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, Hydrotherapy (if appropriate), Speech and Language Therapy and Psychology Services as required and access to multiple group activities.

Day rehabilitation details are also below.

Please email requesting our rate summary.

package 1

  • intensive rehabilitation 7 days a week
  • minimum of 18 individual sessions of therapy over a 7-day period

Suitable for adults requiring a period of intensive rehabilitation following, for example, traumatic brain injury, complex trauma or acute Stroke

package 2

  • rehabilitation 7 days a week
  • minimum of 12 individual sessions of therapy over a 7-day period

Suitable for adults unable to participate in the intensive programme or requiring a period of Active Respite following, for example, major surgery, a flare up of a chronic illness or oncology treatment.

package 3

  • intensive rehabilitation 6 days a week
  • minimum of 20 individual sessions of therapy Monday to Friday
  • weekend leave

This can be the best solution for individuals requiring intensive rehabilitation, whilst benefiting from weekends at home with their families/carers.

package 4

We are able to provide bespoke programs to suit any specific requirements and will consider all funding options on an individual basis.

day rehabilitation

We also provide rehabilitation for day visitors who need therapy with or without nursing care or require ongoing support as part of their transition home. We can provide part/whole day programmes or individual sessions to fit around any given routine. There will be a charge for assessments.

People attending for the day will have access to the same quality of support from our specialist team at STEPS who are equipped to provide complex care and a range of vocational and intensive therapies. For more information and a rate summary, please email our team.

additional charges across all programs:

  • no charge is made for pathology, X-ray and other tests which are accessed via the local NHS Hospital. If an X-ray is required whilst at STEPS, this will be accessed via a private company and the cost will be invoiced to the individual who will also be liable for transport costs to the appointment
  • prescription charges are applied to those not exempt under the NHS guidelines
  • one to one nursing care if required
  • specialist equipment provided for personal use e.g. walking aids, FES equipment, wheelchairs
  • splinting and orthotics
  • botulinum toxin (Botox) injections
  • additional medical consultations
  • sundry items will be charged directly
  • additional services can be arranged, e.g. hairdressing, dentistry, opticians and podiatry which will be billed directly

Please email to request more information on our packages of care and funding or go to our FAQs page where you will find answers about private medical insurance and referral by your GP.