I attended dads goal setting meeting yesterday and it was great to hear the progress he is making and see him in action in the gym. He actually did some steps for the first time in over a year with the support of his physios, something that would not have been possible without this opportunity he has been at STEPS. Thank you so much to yourselves and all the staff that work tirelessly to help people like my father reach their potential. I look forward to seeing him making even more progress in the future!


Michelle Gurdlestone • Daughter of a client

David suffered a severe stroke on 25th of November 2017. He was completely paralysed down his left side, losing two of the four lobes on the right side of his brain. David was 27, super fit and in his 3rd year at Nottingham University studying Mechanical Engineering.

Upon admission to hospital, we were told David would need to stay there for a number of months and he spent a week in the high dependency ward at Nottingham City hospital. In the second week he was transferred to the rehabilitation ward and again, we were told he would be there for several weeks, if not months.

David received 3-4 Physio sessions a week in those 2 weeks but had no real idea when they were going to happen. This resulted in him not wanting to move from his bed and get some fresh air when we came to visit in case he was not at his bedside when the Physio turned up. 2 weeks after his stroke, the ward were ready to discharge him citing a shortage of beds and a belief that he would recover faster in a home environment. At this point David was still paralysed down his left side, he couldn’t walk, move himself in a wheelchair nor think beyond the next few minutes. As parents we fought to keep David in hospital for another week whilst we found an alternative. STEPS was recommended to us through a family connection.

From the minute of going into STEPS, the communication on his progress was exceptional. We had regular updates and a formal goal setting and progress meeting each month. David determined what he wanted to achieve and the Steps team either adjusted those goals if not realistic or helped him achieve it. David constantly tells me of the ambition shown by the team in his progress which drove him to greater success. The fact that David knew what Physio sessions he was due meant he could have some downtime in his own mind. Everything was based on David’s recovery – he even had a physiotherapist at meal times to help him use his left arm. There were extracurricular activities such as climbing which, whilst recovery based, was done as a separate activity and reduced the mental intensity surrounding David’s rehabilitation.

Suffice to say, David arrived at STEPS in a wheelchair before Christmas 2017 and walked out at the end of February 2018. STEPS is not cheap, and we are fortunate to have money to spend on his recovery but, in my view, it has been worth every penny.

Since leaving STEPS, David has been in the care of the community physiotherapists. Nottingham supposedly has a ‘Gold Standard’ in this area but we have yet to experience anything that comes close. Currently, David receives 1 Physio session every 2 weeks and his progress has slowed significantly.

I understand that the greater the focus on a young fit stroke survivor, the better chance he has to recover, and it is heart-breaking to see a young man with still such great potential to add value to the community be left to ‘make do’. Investing in David’s rehabilitation now will pay dividends in future years. As a result, we have taken the decision to pay for David to return to STEPS on a bi-monthly basis as an outpatient. If I had the money, he would attend every month. After a single session, David has already made more progress than he had over the last 4 weeks under the care of the community team.

As I type this, David is currently backpacking with his girlfriend in the Peak District and is planning on returning to University to complete his third year. Without STEPS, this would not have been possible.

Chris Noblet • Father of David Noblet who suffered a stroke

I am the wife of MH. M is currently in Steps rehabilitation centre in Sheffield. I would like to take this opportunity to praise steps for the extremely high standard of care they give to M.

Since the first day he got there they catered for his religious and cultural beliefs. M is a devout Muslim and steps made sure that he didn’t lose that part of his identity. They ensured this by putting M’s prayers on for him, ensuring the meat that was sourced for him was halal, that he was reminded of prayer times throughout the day and encouraged to pray. On numerous occasions when we have visited M at various times in the day they had already put on his prayers for him and some religious lectures without us initiating that.

Steps is patient focused and at the same time looks after the family unit needs. It encourages the family to be part of the rehabilitation programme. It does this by inviting families to sleep over at the premises so as to help maintain the family bond. It makes sure the family are an integral part of the rehabilitation process through games, outings, encouraging families to eat together to name but a few.

Steps is the most welcoming place I have been in since M had his accident. The staff make the patients family feel at ease. I genuinely feel at peace with M being there. I feel no guilt as I know they have his best interests at heart and they treat him with respect and care for him to a very high standard. A standard that I doubt I will ever get when M comes back home.

The staff members have become part of the family so much so that the children are now asking for certain members to come along with M when he makes his home visits. During the home visits again staff show utmost respect to the family and the cultural differences we have. During the month of Ramadan the staff joined us for the opening of some fasts when they came for home visits and researched about Ramadan before they came. Gestures like this are so beautiful, kind and heart-warming.

M’s love for cricket was incorporated into his rehabilitation programme by taking him to local cricket matches along with his son.

Staff are at hand 24 hours of the day. Even if M wakes in the middle of the night the staff are there to talk to him and use that time constructively to enhance his rehabilitation even if it means making short videos for his children where by he gives them words of encouragement.

I can’t praise highly enough the work of steps and wish them all the luck for the future because they deserve it. Family and friends have praised all the workers who they have met always highlighting the manner in which they speak to M and they way they look after him, constantly looking for those windows of opportunity when M is alert to use them constructively for his rehabilitation.

On numerous occasions my family have commented on how the staff interact with M and that we need to learn from them as they treat him as an individual who still has the right to determine what he wants to do. They always ask M what he wants to do as opposed to asking me.

If I could I would steal the staff and have them look after M and his needs when he finally comes back home.

Wife of MH • MH was seriously injured following a road traffic accident

As a CCG, we have provided and continue to provide funding via a personal health budget to enable an individual to access STEPS just a year ago. His story has been one of our success stories. Prior to visiting STEPS he had been unable to access physiotherapy and hydrotherapy on a regular basis. Having the flexibility of a Personal Health Budget has meant he has been able to access services on a day and time to suit him. He has gained mobility and confidence and lost weight. The team at STEPS have been amazing and supported him throughout his journey.

Heather Woods • NHS Bassetlaw Clinical Commissioning Group • Continuing Healthcare Lead, adults and Children

Dear Ray, Lana, Julia and Victoria

Well done! What a wonderful legacy you will be leaving for the future. We just wish there was such a facility when we needed it for James. We hope you can help many patients on the road to recovery.

Wonderful achievement!


Best wishes

Pat and Malcolm

Pat and Malcolm • Client Family

To All the staff at STEPS.

Thank you for all your care, support and professionalism. You’ve all been truly amazing, making this difficult period in our lives easier to cope with. Micks progress would not be at this stage without your dedication and knowledge. We really appreciate all you have done. Best wishes for the future.

Jill and Mick

Jill and Mick • Client and Wife

Thankyou to everyone at steps, you have all been truly amazing, we are so lucky that Andrew was given the opportunity to spend most of his recovery with you.

Your dedicated team have made a huge difference. We could have never wished for him to be as amazing as he is now and it’s down to your skill, dedication and expertise.

We will never be able to thank you enough.

Grateful forever,

Adele, Adam and Matthew

Client family

Thank you to everybody concerned for all the help. I will be forever grateful for everything you helped me with, many thanks Andrew.

Andrew • Client

STEPS Rehabilitation has been a breath of fresh air to the rehabilitation sector in the North. STEPS combines first class facilities with truly bespoke rehabilitation packages.


The team at STEPS puts the client and their family at the heart of the rehabilitation process, doing everything they can to support them along the way.


Chris Smith • Stewarts • Associate


I would like to thank every member of staff for the outstanding support you have given me; words cannot describe how grateful I am. You have saved my life, this is a magical place!!

My stay here as been exceptional which is down to the wonderful people you are.

A world of ‘thank yous’ !


David Noblet • a residential client

To everyone at STEPS, A huge thank you for everything you did for my grandad – you helped him at a time when he thought all was lost! At the time he was not easy and struggling to adapt to life with a disability – your care and support helped him and us through this. A huge thank you for fulfilling my dream of my grandad coming to our wedding – Bev and Ed you were amazing – in fact Ed all our friends really loved your company!

You will be pleased to know grandad has MUCH improved – now eating with a knife and fork and drinking with a normal cup and standing with limited support! He is out and about in his scoote in his new flat which has onsite 24 hour support if needed. Again thankyou.

Love Jess and the rest of the family


I just want to thank everyone at STEPS for the help and encouragement during my stay. I feel that I’ve made a number of friends and want to keep in touch. Thanks everyone and I wish STEPS good luck in the future. I have every confidence that it will succeed and continue to grow and evolve.


To all the wonderful staff at STEPS. Just a thank you for the wonderful care and friendship for Ian. He has done wonders since being with you. Wishing you all the best for your future and hope all plans out for you. The staff and management have been superb and made all our family and friends very welcome.

Ian's family, a residential client

To all the wonderful staff here at STEPS

Thank you all for five weeks of amazing high class care. Words cannot express how grateful we and all our family and friends are for your kindness and support.

Client's family

We would like to thank you so very much for all the brilliant care and attention you have shown to Ian in the time he has been with you. You have made his stay with you so very happy. You have been like a family to him and to us when we have visited. We can’t thank you enough for all you have done, all his family and friends have agreed what a fabulous place STEPS is.

Thank you again to all of you.

Client's family

Thank you so much for your time last week walking me around the STEPS Rehabilitation facility. I was left extremely impressed not just with the physical building and detailed ergonomics. However the ‘magic’ part that so many medical/rehabilitation centres fundamentally don’t get right….the  atmosphere, friendly, warm and inviting. Particularly in a brand new building a patient is allowed to put posters on the wall. Most wouldn’t get the significance of that simple message – so important.

Edward Stroud MSc BSc MCSP HCPC (L)RAMC • Head of Rehabilitation Injured Jockeys Fund

To everyone at STEPS,

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for looking after me so well after my operation and for allowing me to recover sufficiently well to be able to cope with looking after my husband (and myself!) when I got back home.

I will never forget the 5 days I spent with you and will definitely be coming back, even if only for physio.

You are all stars, I don’t want to single anyone out and each and every one of you did a perfect job.

Thank you!

Jo • a residential rehabilitation client

It’s been a few months since I started at STEPS. I have muscular dystrophy and hadn’t had any physiotherapy/hydrotherapy for a number of years on a regular basis so I felt low in myself and my health was deteriorating. Coming to STEPS has made me feel a lot better in myself. All the staff from Tom and Lottie at reception, to Lucy and Karen the physios, and all of the rehab assistants make you feel welcome and can’t do enough for you. I would highly recommend STEPS Rehabilitation

Tony • a day rehabilitation client

The trust bestowed on Alston Murphy, as Architects, has led to a very special relationship with the client which, in turn, has helped through the many ups and downs we’ve had to face in reaching this point. I have never known a client, let alone a first time client, that has had to cope with so many unforeseen difficulties in the course of a project. Their calmness, professionalism and sheer perseverance in the face of setbacks can only bode well for the care, support and attention that their prospective clients will enjoy during their stay in this lovely building

Iain Murphy • Alston Murphy Associates Ltd • Managing Diretor

STEPS has the potential to become the prime facility for patients requiring the latest neurological rehabilitation care to achieve the highest level of recovery. It will bring more than 60 jobs to the area and regenerate the site which currently lies derelict

David Grey MBE • Sheffield City Council • Chair of the RGF Investment Panel

We guided STEPS, as a new developer, through the best, and most effective, way to structure the project using a development vehicle. The work concentrated on putting together all the legal documentation on the land purchase. This involved solving the tax issues for development costs as healthcare companies are exempt from paying VAT. STEPS management team are of the highest calibre and the project has all the attributes to eventually become a centre of excellence for neurological, orthopaedic and multiple trauma rehabilitation

Lisa Davidson • Wake Smith Solicitors • Director of Commercial Property

We have been delighted to see how this project has developed and look forward to seeing how this state of the art facility, under the guidance of a strong management team,  will assist those who need it most within Sheffield and the surrounding areas

Scott Sanderson • Hawsons Chartered Accountants • Partner and Healthcare Specialist Hawsons